How should the carbohydrate cycle be!

To burn fat and lose weight!
Experts recommend that 55-60 percent of the total daily energy taken in adult individuals be obtained from carbohydrates, 20-35 percent fat and 10-12 percent protein from the protein for adequate and balanced nutrition. In order to maintain the ideal weight of the person according to gender, age and height, the energy spent must be balanced with the energy received. In other words, the balance of nutrients in daily energy intake by ignoring the balance between the energy taken or consumed, for example, eating rich in protein or fat may adversely affect metabolism instead of weakening contrary to the alleged, even leading to impaired glucose tolerance or cardiovascular problems. For example, the fat taken in excess with high-fat low-carb diets may cause an increase in fat tissue in the body, while inadequate carbohydrate intake can lead to hypoglycemia, weakness and fainting.So there must be a scheme of getting carbohydrates into the body.

To gain muscle and gain weight!
In order to increase your body mass, you should consume more calories than you burn. If you exercise in the morning and evening but consume insufficient calories, the body will meet this deficit from its own stock, namely from its fat and muscles. We call this destructive process. Your goal should be to stay in the constructive process. You have to eat enough for this.

There are two things you can do here. The first one is to try to meet the calorie target by calculating the calorie values ​​of what they eat by using the resources on the internet. This is a disciplined approach. If you are worried about this, keep your normal diet and follow the change in your body, making sure your weight training is severe enough and your sleep is sufficient. Muscle building is a time-consuming process, so don’t expect immediate results. The visible change will only take place within 2-3 months. If you don’t see much increase in muscle mass and training performance, this may be because you are not getting enough calories. Then slightly increase the amount of calories you take and continue to observe.

Important Note: The body has a certain speed and capacity to build muscle. The number one goal in nutrition should be to consume the amount of food the body can use.

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