Slim at home with hiit training!

There’s a lot to say for Hiit cardio. With this training system that speeds up fat burning and increases muscle mass, you are now closer to success. HIIT can give you a fit and strong body.

What is hiit cardio? How to make hiit? I will share the HIIT training programs that you can find and answer at questions such as at home or in the gym. I know you can’t wait to get a fit and strong body.
What is HIIT?
High intensty interval training, in other words, HIIT was developed long ago by athletics coaches to train good runners. HIIT was then called “Fartlek” in the Swedish language.

The training system consists of two stages of high and low intensity. The first stage, the high-intensity athlete, pushes himself to the maximum for a certain period of time. In the subsequent low-intensity phase, it may interrupt training or lower the intensity of the activity. We can compare these two stages to the sprint and walking pace.
HIIT strengthens fast twitch muscle fibers. Thus, you will have a more resistant body. In addition, HIIT increases your explosive power.
Thanks to shorter workouts, you reduce the risk of disability by tiring your joints less.

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