The benefits that Squat gives to the body!

What does Squat do?
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Squat is a must if you want a tight hip and legs. But in a single movements you are working your whole body.
What does Squat do?
Many women do not like their hips. They all wanted their hips to be tighter and rounder and somehow they heard they had to squat. But before they all start, he’s wondering the answer to the question: Does squat really give me the results I want? How many squats should I do every day? When do I see the results?

First of all, let me answer the first question: Yes, squatting is the only action that will do good to your soft legs and swinging hips.

I know, most of you would like to ask if squats make the legs thicker. You can read the detailed answer of this question here. But to summarize the issue: No lamb, squatting does not make your legs thicker. Things that thicken your legs are things like pizza, pasta, bread and cookies.

You have to distinguish two things: If you want to have thin legs, you should pay attention to your diet and do cardio to burn fat. You should also squat if you want to get shaped legs.

So, how does squat help you get that dream you dream of? Squatting like this is a great functional exercise that works your quadriceps, hamstring, butt, calf, waist and central muscles (especially if you are doing front squats!) At the same time.

My hip has changed a lot since I squat. I chose the name Squatgirl from my respect for this exercise anyway. I did this exercise without weight until I made sure I was doing the movement correctly. But when I started doing the movement with the bar, everything became much more fun. I used to squat with higher weights in the past, but I think 60 pounds (including the barbell) are enough for me since I want to move at an angle of 90 degrees. I feel all my muscles moving while sitting on Squat and pushing myself up from my heels. I love this perfect share.
Tightens your hips: While squatting, the squeezing and dropping action of the buttocks tighten, lift and round up, giving it a rounded look. Eliminates the appearance of flabby hips.

It increases mobility: It strengthens the mobility of the hips and ankles without damaging the joints.
Corrects your posture: It helps to improve your body’s general posture, and helps to relieve your back and neck discomfort caused by a humped and low shouldered posture.

 It strengthens your muscles: It strengthens your body and abdominal muscles. The strength of these muscles prevents injuries.

It raises your hips: It helps to tighten and recover the internal hips, which are the common problem of women in general.

8 facts you should know about Squat

Helps weight loss: It is the movement that provides the most fat burning in bodybuilder sports movements. Squat activates large muscle masses to speed up the pulse, thereby increasing your fat burning, helping you lose weight.

It helps the burning of fat by working the growth hormone: You can use over 20 reps of squat sets as a hgh trigger for your workouts.

Reduces the appearance with cellulite: The probability of cellulite in people who regularly squat is close to zero. As summer approaches, you can get rid of the appearance of cellulite, especially on your legs.

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